Seven Havens is a luxury residence of which the walls are made from environmentally friendly “rammed earth” and three 35 degree angled old containers are used as the roof of one of the buildings. All wood used in this project is recycled, including teak from demolished buildings in central Java and Ulin wood from an old bridge in Kalimantan. Bamboo has also been widely used as part of our commitment to sustainability and using local materials.

It is fair to say that building this one-of-a-kind place has been a long and eventful journey. Its unique design, the use of unconventional materials and building on top of a hill were some of many challenges faced. However, with this labour of love now completed, it proofs that all things come to a beautiful end for those who persevere.

Seven Havens is an iconic building such as Lombok has never seen, rising on the hill with its white container roof pointing out into the sky. Everything inside is carefully thought through, every single piece has to ensure an enjoyable and memorable stay for our special guests. Each room is different in size, view and decoration, but all share the same excellence of service and uncompromised hospitality. A place where one can be totally lost in leisure and unwind.


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